About Khoyoot Initiative

Khoyoot focuses on creating partnerships with women from refugee camps. It aims to empower women to create art while preserving culture and participating fully in the economic and social makeup of the community. Women produce product lines and sell worldwide to increase their income and boost their creativity. Our products target different groups and in return give back to the community a percentage for development and support.

Our goal is to empower the women economically, share the joy, preserve our culture, help the children have a brighter future, and bring people from different backgrounds to achieve a unified goal. The initiative aims on targeting different groups with each product line.

Khoyoot also focuses on building threads between communities in West Amman and their counterparts in Baqa’a camp to empower, develop and help Camps in Jordan with a focus on Women and children. We bring women together to learn from each other in sessions like embroidery classes and much more.

Kashkashet Biladi is a collection that focuses on handmade traditional embroidery outfits for girls stitched by refugee women in Baqa’a camp. The sets are fully produced in the camp.